Deer Density Goals

last updated 2/2002

The PGC established habitat-based deer density goals in 1980 and revised them in 1996 (seedling/sapling went from 40 up to 60 dpfsm, and pole timber went from 10 down to 5 dpfsm). Goals are based on various deer enclosure studies and are 50% of the observed maximum carrying capacity for each particular timber class. The 50% figure is used to increase fawn production providing for maximum deer harvest (the concept of MSY). Presently the GOALS are as follows:

60 dpfsm - Seedling/sapling (up to 5.5 inches dbh)
5 dpfsm - Poletimber (5.5 to 11.5 inches dbh)
20 dpfsm - Sawtimber (11.5 inches dbh on up)

NOTE: dpfsm= Deer Per Forested Square Mile; dbh = Diameter at Breast Height