Clearfield County, PA
Moshannon State Forest (185,000+ acres)
May 2002

Facts about Moshannon State Forest.

These photos were taken in Moshannon SF along the Spurline trail near Parker Dam State Park which is completely surrounded by Moshannon SF. Over half the park is open to hunting, about 442 acres around the camping area (including a 20 acre lake) are off-limits to hunters. Quehanna Wild Area is nearby (which we all know is over-browsed), and SGLs 34, 90, 93, 94, 100, & 311 as well as several other SPs and Natural Areas are nearby. Lots of places to hunt.

You could find old, charred stumps all around the area I walked. Some spots were dense with root suckers from American beech. Other areas were amazingly open. All kinds of sunlight hitting the ground and clear views for hundreds of yards. Below is one of the open areas.

It was amazing, but as you can see below the deer were feeding on beech brush and ferns in many areas (no wonder Clearfield county buck harvests include nearly 20% spikes, compared to 4% in Berks).

Some places, deer fed on the shrubs below. Not sure what they were.

The witch hazel in the area looked similar but was still able to throw seedlings about (see below). Red maple managed to accomplish the same task, but nothing in between this size and full grown items.

Below is a nice sunny area along a powerline R/W. The beech on the left is thick as can be, but on the right mature maple, cherry, and oak were growing with no regeneration beneath.

And finally, below is what I would call signs of improvement occuring. In the open areas, some of the huge black cherry trees managed to get some regeneration going on beneath their driplines, no fences, no lime.