Bradford County, PA
State Game Lands #12 & 36

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There was a lot of red maple and black cherry among the older trees here, but the regeneration was practically all american beech with some patches of sweet birch and striped maple here and there. Of course there were pockets of hay scent fern and grasses too.

This was on the other side of the road. Same deal. Here you can see a heavy deer trail through the ferns and they were using the sweet birch regen pretty hard.

This is the same general area. It looks thick and to be regenerating well, but upon closer inspection you can see it's almost all american beech. There are a few striped maple in the foreground too. What I was suprised to find and trying to show in the photo is a little patch of good red maple regen. Almost ever single one had been gnawed back to about knee-high. Only a few looked like they might make it past the deer. This stand looked to have been cut some time ago (maybe 10+ years) and finally there appeared to be some good regen just starting to make it.

Same area. Here I managed to find some black cherry (in the foreground), but it too was mostly all chewed to knee or waist-high.

This is down the road a little ways. Here, next to the road at a small food plot some good red maples had made it out of reach of the deer, however all their lower leaves had been eaten.