McKean County, PA
State Game Lands #30

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Some background and history:
SGL 30 consists of 11,572 contiguous acres (18.2 mi≤) and is located in southeastern McKean county on a ridge which divides two different water sheds. The parcel adjoins a section of Elk State Forest (200,000 acres). The land was purchased by the PGC in the 1920's after the virgin timber had been logged off and areas had been burned-over by wildfires. Then the second growth timber was cut in the late 1940's for chemical wood. At that point PGC Biologist Roger Latham had a deer exclosure (and many others) constructed. The one shown below might be the only one still remaining some 50 years later.

Lathamís Acre

Where route 46 crosses over the hill there is a PGC parking lot on the north side at Dividing Ridge Road. The road is normally gated, but gets opened during hunting season. The fence is about 1Ĺ miles back and on the right-hand side, right next to the road. Itís located among some food plots on the flat atop the ridge at an elevation of about 2300 feet.

The pic below was looking back out towards Dividing Ridge Road. The first thing I noticed inside the fence was the red-berried elder.

Here's a good shot of it.

This is alternate-leaf dogwood. It was scattered throughout the exclosure is varying sizes from knee-high regen to probably 30' tall shrubs. The small yellow and purple leaves in the pic are where the deer had been feeding on it by sticking their mouths through the fence.

These I think are ??? Also, here you can see the red/purple trillium blooms were already over but the plants were quite numerous.

The edge of the fence is in the backround. The old tree in the center is a black cherry that looks to have started from stump sprouts. In the foreground is some red maple regen, also striped maple, briers and hay-scent fern.

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