Berks County, PA
State Game Lands #315

This is what it looks like where I hunt. This is the deer trail I hung my stand over. With the leaves on you can usually see about 20-30 yards. Some places are more open some are even more dense. This is mature saw timber of red/black/scarlet/chestnut/white oaks, yellow poplar, american beech, hickories, green ash, red & sugar maple, black cherry, flowering dogwood, birches, sassafrass, aspen, etc. and it has not been thinned.

The shrubs you see are maple leaf viburnum, ironwood, spicebush, blueberry, witch hazel, arrow wood, blackhaw, greenbrier, raspberry, mulitflora rose, etc.

One the ground there was poison ivy, virginia creeper, grape vines, ferns, jack-in-the pulpit, club moss, star flower, false solomon's seal, etc.

Here is another area.

And another. There's actually quite a lot of tree regeneration despite all the shrub cover.

Below was extremely thick, you couldn't see but 10 yards if that.

Here are some close-ups of the trees. The deer were hammering the green ash everywhere.

Hope you enjoyed the tour :^)