Elk County, PA
State Game Lands #44 (23,995 acres)
May 2002

Above is a typical view of the area adjacent to the deer exclosure/browse demo area alongside route 949 and the Clarion river. PGC forester Bryce Hall confirmed that it would be classed as saw timber on the forest inventory maps. I saw the following trees growing: red, white, & chestnut oak; red maple; black cherry; sweet birch; sassafras; cucumbermagnolia. There's rhododendron growing in the backround there but it's browsed up pretty hard.

Directly across the street/river is the Allegheny National Forest which totals 513,000+ acres.

Below are some shots from down the road a little ways. Look how heavily browsed it is already at this time of year. These were sprouts from the base of established shrubs. The shrubs appeared to have a browseline too.

Below are some more shots in the same general area. Some timber was recently dropped here, not sure why.